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Established as an agile, corporate & commercial law firm, McTaggart Grant Lawyers offer top-tier service with an unrelenting focus on quality.

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We deliver top-tier advice clearly and efficiently through direct and open lines of communication.

We emphasise long-term relationships with our clients and we want to help our clients solve their most pressing legal issues and also assist them to identify and manage future risks throughout the lifecycle of their business.

We are a highly accomplished team of experts in our respective fields, delivering legal services in a relevant, concise and timely way which cuts through the noise and confusion that exists in the overcrowded legal services market.

We prioritise understanding our clients’ unique business challenges and drivers, proactively build transparent partnerships and help them execute their strategic objectives. After all, delivering quality and focused advice requires a deep understanding of the relevant legal and commercial issues in the context of our clients’ preferred outcomes.

With over 25 years combined experience working nationally and internationally across the areas of corporate and trusts, mergers & acquisitions, business and commerce, debt finance and commercial and retail leasing, we are a highly approachable advisory firm for high-net-wealth individuals, SMEs and large corporations.

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Complex commercial matters require uncomplicated legal solutions.

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