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McTaggart Grant Lawyers makes a splash in the Gold Coast legal services market

9 February 2020 -

Driven by a desire to bring clients clarity in a crowded legal services market filled with noise, McTaggart Grant Lawyers was created to give clients a better choice.

The power of perspective

A boutique entrant to the Gold Coast professional services market aims to simplify the complex and become the premium provider of corporate and commercial legal services.

The role legal advisors play in business strategy has evolved in-line with the way legal services are delivered. Knowledgeable business owners are acutely aware that expert advice built on demonstrated real-world experience can add quantifiable value and deliver unparalleled commercial outcomes.

Former top-tier lawyers and co-directors, Ben McTaggart and Mary Grant, identified a need to create an agile, boutique commercial law firm which is uncompromising on quality, but which still delivers uncomplicated, expert advice and commercial solutions to complex legal matters.

Ben and Mary share a common vision; to prioritise understanding their clients’ unique business challenges and drivers, proactively build transparent partnerships and help them execute their strategic objectives. After all, delivering quality and focused advice requires a deep understanding of the issues and preferred outcomes.

They help their clients identify and execute legal strategies and solutions in a commercially focused and outcome-driven way. Expert advice is delivered clearly and efficiently through direct and open lines of communication. After many years of working with multinational corporations, listed entities, governmental bodies and private companies, Ben and Mary have become trusted strategic partners for astute businesses driven to better their bottom line by managing legal risk and executing transactions that align to strategic objectives.

Ben and I are thrilled to bring our vision to life. We know clients are demanding a shift in the way they engage with their advisors and the way in which legal services is delivered. The traditional view of the legal advisory role is outdated, and McTaggart Grant Lawyers was formed because we care about delivering outcomes in a way that works for clients,

-Mary Grant

With over 20 years combined experience working nationally and internationally across the areas of corporate and trusts, mergers & acquisitions, corporate finance, business and commerce, debt finance and commercial and retail leasing, McTaggart Grant Lawyers now emerges as a highly approachable advisory firm for high-net-wealth individuals, SMEs and large corporations.

Delivering top-tier service with an unrelenting focus on quality, this highly accomplished team of lawyers are experts in their respective fields and offer a compelling alternative to existing players in the market. See for yourself why McTaggart Grant Lawyers is the better choice.

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